BitMEX venture arm invests in crypto trading automation platform Kryll

100x Ventures, the venture arm of crypto derivatives exchange company BitMEX and 100x Group, announced today an investment in Cryptense, the company behind crypto trading automation app

Kryll enables users to perform automated trading strategies on a number of different crypto exchanges. Aside from the investment, there will be a full integration partnership between 100x Group and, which includes complete support of the BitMEX platform plus other 100x portfolio companies.

“Automated trading solutions are proving indispensable to the vibrancy of the crypto trading ecosystem.’s growth in terms of its user base and volumes underlines the competency of its team. And the soundness of the product they have produced. Through our collaboration, we’re excited that users will soon be able to trade on the BitMEX platform”.
– Alex Höptner, CEO of 100x Group

The application features a “Drag ‘n Drop” strategy editor; which enables users to easily create tailored trading strategies without any coding skills.

Krill runs 24/7 in the cloud

“We’re delighted to receive this investment from 100x Ventures; and look forward to introducing support for BitMEX on very soon. As we have grown and established a reputation as a leading automated trading platform, identifying like-minded partners has always been critical to our continued success. 100x is a tremendous partner, and we look forward to harnessing its investment for the ultimate benefit of all our users”.
– Luca Benevolo, CEO & Founder