Blockchain development platform Tatum now supports Polygon network » CryptoNinjas

Tatum, a blockchain development platform, has announced it now supports Polygon, the network for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.

To build apps for Polygon or Ethereum, one needs to learn Solidity and have access to blockchain nodes. For many developers, learning a new programming language and maintaining nodes can be time-consuming, expensive, and generally difficult.

Tatum simplifies the whole process by providing access to blockchain nodes and consolidating otherwise complex blockchain operations into unified API calls that can be seamlessly integrated into an app’s backend code with zero blockchain development experience.

Tatum + Polygon

Everything needed to build blockchain apps is available on Tatum; from looking up blockchain data, sending transactions, generating wallets, creating and minting tokens, and calculating blockchain fees,

Tatum’s API allows its users to build apps on Polygon quickly and effectively, with all of the benefits and flexibility of the Polygon network.

NFTs are in high demand, though programming smart contracts using Solidity takes some experience. Thus, the Tatum team has created ready-to-deploy NFT smart contracts for Polygon that can be deployed, minted, transferred, and burned with single API calls.

“There are many modern blockchain protocols attempting to solve the current issues faced by the Ethereum network. Developers want to tap into the rich Ethereum ecosystem without suffering from its low throughput and exorbitant gas fees. Some protocols do it better than others, and Polygon is raising the bar in terms of security, scalability, and interoperability.”
– The Tatum Team