Blockzero Labs opens $10K bug bounty for its liquidity token staking dApp AquaFi » CryptoNinjas

Blockzero Labs, the company behind AquaFi, a protocol for earning a premium on liquidity tokens over various decentralized exchanges, has announced a $10,000 bug bounty to be finished by the end of July.

Any liquidity provider using AquaFi can stake their liquidity tokens from a wide range of decentralized exchanges; plus be paid up to a 100% premium on fees generated.

The smart contract code eligible for this bounty can be found on GitHub.

How to Submit Bug

  1. Participants will have until Friday, July 30th at 23:59 UTC to submit bugs.
    (the deadline is subject to being extended if further review is needed)
  2. Potential bug findings can be submitted here.


All bugs submitted will receive a review from the Blockzero Labs Council and be given a ‘Severity Score’.

Based on the Severity Score given to the bug; the user who submitted the bug can earn up to $10,000 worth of XIO in compensation. XIO is the primary governance token of Blockzero.

“We have planted a bug in the smart contract; the first person to report it will receive $1,000 worth of XIO from the overall $10K allocated to this bug bounty.”
– The Blockzero Labs Team


  • Bugs will be rewarded on a first-come-first-serve basis. If two people submit the same bug; the person who submitted the bug first will be the only person eligible for compensation.
  • Not all bugs are treated the same or given the same compensation.
  • Bugs that would result in a loss of funds on the protocol will be judged with higher Severity Scores.
  • Dependencies, comments, and README files are not part of the bounty; only the smart contract code.