Coinbase Cloud Adds Solana Archive Node

Blockchain infrastructure protocol Coinbase Cloud launches Solana Archive Node to help developers build better products and services on Solana.

Coinbase Cloud provides Web3 APIs, services, and blockchain infrastructure to power the next generation of software builders including data access, staking, payments, trade and exchange, identity, and more

This is the first expansion of Coinbase Cloud’s network infrastructure to create validating clients for Solana, which involves improving the efficiency, throughput, and reliability of the protocol.

Solana is currently able to process over 50,000 transactions per second. Launched secure, dedicated Solana infrastructure nodes through Query & Transact, allowing builders to access and trace data and transaction information on the Solana blockchain.

Validator clients for QuickNode and Jump Crypto launched a similar move last month with the Solana blockchain.

While Solana’s high-throughput design (~2-3 blocks/sec) makes it ideal for use cases like transactions, it makes managing archive nodes technically challenging.

Because about 100 TB of historical data is required to store, this means that maintenance of archive nodes is time-consuming and expensive.

With the Solana protocol falling out of favor with users following a recent spate of attacks and outages, the Coinbase Cloud’s partnership with the Solana Foundation will help reposition Solana as one of the fastest and most powerful smart contract networks in the world.

Image source: Shutterstock