Robert Alice Made NFT History, Now He’s Writing About It

A part of the project “SOURCE [On NFTs]” is about looking at ideas of truth through history, specifically in terms of the NFT space. It really is a project that was influenced by the making of this book. We trained an algorithm on a tower of key texts, historical texts — everything from fourth century philosophy, cryptographic white papers, works of science fiction and politics using a form of machine learning. It found a kind of soul in each text, all these keywords. By using machine learning in a completely free associative way, radically open in its architecture, it has generated provocative things that aren’t necessarily what I believe as the artist that has written the algorithm. You’ve got all these different factors. You’ve got the archiving of truth, AIs hallucinating, blockchains immutably recording things coming up against post truth politics. And the point is to show people that words can be combined together to create any meaning and any outcome and that you don’t necessarily have to stand behind those words. You know, they just promote the fact that language is another power