Testnet now live for new multi-chain layer-2 DEX: zkLink » CryptoNinjas

zkLink, a multi-chain layer-2 integration DEX based on ZK-rollup technology, today launched its testnet on four chains: Ethereum Rinkeby, Polygon, Heco, and Ethereum Goerli.

It is now possible to perform deposits, withdraw funds, execute transactions, swap, plus add and remove liquidity with multi-chain assets.

Further, with the testnest, users can swap cross-chain assets and play with liquidity pairs of native tokens from the four separate chains. Some examples include CAKE-SUSHI, BNB-HT, USDT(ERC20)-USDT(BEP20), BUSD-HUSD, and WBTC-BTCB.

For a step-by-step user guide on using the zkLink testnet click here.

Recently, zkLink smart contracts were audited by Certik; the zkLink team is also working on final checks.

ZKL is the governance token of zkLink (ERC-20). Soon, details about the token economy will be released.